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Cheers Air Conditioning and Heating Rosemead California

Cheers Air Conditioning and Heating is a fast-growing business focused on providing air conditioning and heating services to residents and commercial clients in the greater Rosemead Region in California. For several years now, we continue to make the homes and offices a more comfortable place to be, for our customers. This is through the provision of excellent air conditioning and temperature control services. The experienced technicians at Cheers Air Conditioning and Heating, are well seasoned when it comes to installation and repair of different HVAC equipment no matter the brand. We install, service, repair and maintain main brands as well as provide the replacement parts for these types of equipment.

Therefore, if you are looking at the installation of a brand new heating and cooling equipment or you would want to repair broken equipment, Cheers Air Conditioning, and Heating provides you a shoulder you can lean on. Call our customer representatives on (805)912-5512 to schedule a service. We remain at your service, even when you are facing emergency cases. Here are some of the services that our able technicians provide.


Our Services


Air Conditioner Repair Services

The air conditioner is absolutely one of the important appliances when it comes to air quality in your home. You thus want to make sure that it is working throughout. Are you looking for the best AC repairperson in Rosemead CA? Contact Cheers Air Conditioning and Heating the AC professionals in Rosemead. We service different AC brands while we also provide you genuine AC replacement parts for the major AC brands. Talk to us today to enjoy professional services. We will be glad to serve you in the best way.
If you find yourself in need of the HVAC experts, contact Cheers Air Conditioning and Heating. We are Rosemead’s professional HVAC installation and repair services provider, and we work 24/7 guaranteeing you high-quality services. At Cheers Air Conditioning and Heating, our services are fairly priced and we remain committed to serving our customers. To schedule a service, just dial (805)912-5512 and we will respond swiftly.


Thermostat Repair or Installation Services

Cheers Air Conditioning and Heating provides professional AC thermostat installation and repair services. By now, you already understand why the AC thermostat is an important investment. It is an important device since it gives you the ability to maintain a perfect room temperature without the need to use the remote. Therefore, instead of having to crank the air conditioner even when the temperatures are high, the thermostat will keep the temperature adjusted. In case the thermostat is faulty, then you have to manually keep adjusting the temperature. To avoid this, you will want to hire Cheers Air Conditioning and Heating for thermostat repair and replacement. Our technical team remains available throughout, and we charge a reasonable amount for the AC thermostat installation and repair.

Furnace Installation or Repair Services

In case your furnace seems to have stopped functioning properly, you should contact a professional furnace repair technician. At Cheers Air Conditioning and Heating, we have the technical expertise required for the installation and servicing of the furnace. Therefore, we can pull off the faulty furnace and install a brand new one to make sure you are enjoying the best performance from your home heating equipment. For faulty furnace, we have the correct replacement parts to make sure we restore the furnace to the working condition. We have trained technicians who can service and repair different types of furnace. This covers the replacement and repair of the natural gas furnace, the oil furnace as well as the propane furnace.

Heater or Water Heater Repair Services

For professional water heater problem diagnosis, contact Cheers Air Conditioning and Heating. We understand how different water heater installations work and so we will quickly identify the issue and help you out. Do not let a faulty room heater make you spend the night in a cold chilly room. Instead, grab the phone and dial our number immediately. Our technicians will arrive at your home and professionally test the heating equipment while carrying out a diagnosis to quickly find out what could be wrong. Once the problem has been identified, we will then resolve it and make sure the heating equipment is in good condition. Contact Cheers Air Conditioning and Heating today and enjoy fast and efficient heating equipment restoration.

Installation of the Air Conditioner

Are you looking for air conditioner installers in Rosemead California? Come to Cheers Air Conditioning and Heating. We provide experts when it comes to the installation of the air conditioners. Our experts will examine the room where the AC is to be installed and suggest the best size of the AC for optimal performance. To schedule an AC installation service, just talk to us and we shall be glad to serve you.



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